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    • Parent Coaching
      Parent Coaching

      Most parents, at some time feel they don't have the skills to manage a particular situation, that they are not doing a good enough job or maybe that they wish they could have someone to confide in about just how difficult and overwhelming their role feels sometimes. At Sunlight families we understand this and have heard it many times; you are not alone. 

      As Parent Coaches we work with you to enhance the skills you already have and we will listen to you to gain a clear understanding of your family. Following this we can then offer tailored support to help you gain further insight into the family dynamics that can lead to the difficult behaviours children can display. We explore with you the likely causes of these behaviours, help you decipher the meaning of the child’s behaviours, and increase positive communication and understanding between family members.

      Our service can offer help with differing levels of behavioural difficulties. We can work with you to develop realistic and manageable solutions to help you feel attuned to your child, take back control and learn techniques to use at those times in your day that often result in difficult behaviours; such as bedtimes.

      We can also offer strategies on dealing with challenging and extreme behaviours such as aggression that can leave you feeling powerless and stressed. We can do this as part of a more holistic package alongside you, in person, on the phone and by email. We would like to meet you on several occasions and aim to visit your family in the home, we also have offices where meetings can be held.

      We aim to leave you with an increased self-belief, and a greater sense of your own strengths, increased confidence for the children and to restore harmonious relationships in the family.

      Families we have supported have come to us because they notice:

      Their children show signs off feeling anxious, scared, fearful, separation anxiety or anger
      Their children are struggling to follow normal routines
      Their children are having tantrums and angry outbursts or 'melt downs'
      Their children are fighting with their siblings 
      Their children are upset, tearful and clingy
      Their children are being defiant and not following rules
      Their children are diagnosed with or have suspected ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and their behaviours are difficult to manage
      Their children experienced early childhood trauma, neglect or witnessed violence
      Their children have low self-esteem, often speak negatively about themselves and lack in confidence

      Their children are having difficulties at school with friendships, bullying, or academically
      When parents are having difficulties in their relationships
      Going through divorce/separation/co-parenting
      After the loss of someone close to them or a bereavement that has affected the family
      If a member of the family are suffering from ill health
      Parents are feeling depressed, anxious, fearful or overwhelmed
      Parents who want to learn new strategies
      Parents who feel they have lost their close bond with their child
      Parents who have experienced domestic abuse or drug or alcohol misuse
      Parents who want to parent differently from their parents but are not sure how
      Couples who want to communicate better about their parenting
      Difficult relationships within extended families 

      This list is by no means conclusive so please feel free to contact us if you intuitively feel that your family could benefit from some support.  We are happy to talk it over with you.

      Initial telephone call - FREE

      Initial two hour meeting with Sherin £100 

      Further appointments will be £50 per hour, including feedback, meeting with the children and being alongside you to implement new techniques and strategies. During this phase parent coaches can be available by email or phone  or skype to provide support and guidance.

      45p per mile travel costs beyond 10 mile radius, from Eastbourne

      Parent Coaching
    • Interactions

      Once you have met us already, one of the services you could choose would be for one of us to be in the home when the tricky times usually occur. In observing your family dynamics directly, for example your bedtime routines, we can gain a clearer understanding of the complexities of your situation and produce a clearer plan of action for you to follow with our support. Interacting with your family in your home offers a clearer picture and achieves vastly better results than the behaviours being described, and takes into account the uniqueness of your family situation.

      We have considerable experience of working in the family home and understand that it can feel awkward being observed, we will work with you to make this as pleasant and natural as possible. Many parents have found this to be an invaluable resource to making the changes they wish to make. 

    • Adult Therapy
      Adult Therapy

      Sunlight Families can support you to explore areas of your own past that could be influencing your current relationships and your parenting.

      As part of our service we can offer you one-to-one or couple counselling to explore on a deeper, more personal level these areas. This is an opportunity to offer yourself time and self-reflection within a supportive environment to move beyond the influences of your past, speak your truth, heal and soothe your pain and create more heartfelt relationships in your life.

      We offer this service in conjunction with parent coaching and play therapy or as an independent package.   

      £45 per hour 

      Adult Therapy
    • Play Therapy
      Play Therapy

      In the midst of managing difficult behaviours, embarrassing situations and your own stress, it can be hard for parents to see the underlying emotions that cause behaviours. We understand that the hardest thing for a parent to see is their child in pain, and not be able to take that pain away. Taking your child to a specialist is an opportunity to work together to help your child to begin the healing process.

      Through play therapy children can explore and communicate their inner world and current life situations through the medium of play; which is their natural environment. Adolescents are similar to children in that talking is not their most natural way of communicating; creative arts therapy offers them a way to express themselves in a manner which feels less pressurised and more in-line with their development.

      Play therapy offers the child a neutral space for expression, reflection, a sorting through of their feelings; an opportunity to make sense of the adult world and their place in it. Through this they learn to manage their own emotions and behaviours; therein enabling them to form stronger healthy relationships and learn to communicate more effectively.

      As parents are an essential part of their healing journey the therapist will meet with them to review and share what is being explored and the progress that is being made by their child. 

      £40 per session (sessions are 45bminutes long

      Please visit our Play Therapy tab for more details

      Play Therapy
    • On-Going Support
      On-Going Support

      We understand that continuing to put into practice all the new things you have learnt can feel daunting and challenging at times but we are here to continue to support you by phone or email. We can work out, based on your individual needs, how frequently this support is required. We offer packages of three, six or twelve months of ongoing support once you have accessed the parent coaching. A typical package will include the option of a fifteen minute phone call or an email conversation, once a week. 

      3 months  £120

      6 months £200

      12 months £350

      On-Going Support
    • Therapeutic Contact Service
      Therapeutic Contact Service

      This service aims to support parents and children where contact has been disrupted by court or legal processes and family disharmony. Breakdown in contact arrangements can cause anxiety for the parent or the child/ren and would have affected the natural flow of relationship. Often contact centers can be daunting and public places which don't allow for the for the parent and child to have a relaxed time together. Sunlight Families offers a child friendly space where the relationship between child and parent can be strengthened and encouraged at the child's pace. The room on offer through Sunlight Families is used for one contact at a time and is a space full of toys and activities. A children's therapist will be present throughout to support interactions and oversee the visit. 

      Price £60 per hour 

      On request a report can be written if required- for an additional fee

      Therapeutic Contact Service
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