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      Adult Therapy

      Do you want to understand yourself more deeply, to change your life and find peace within? Have you noticed the same old patterns and ways of being in relationships that always lead to heartache and pain? You may feel a desire to reclaim your life and to begin a new adventure of self knowledge. 

      Counselling can support this reorientation, it can offer you a space to get to know the whole of who you are, to discover your own answers, speak your truth and recover your life. It is never too late to begin again or to make changes that allow new possibilities to emerge, to go beyond your conditioning and live life the way you choose to.

      As a counsellor I want to meet you just as you are, to witness you in your vulnerability and in your strength, to support you, to gently challenge you to explore beneath any stories and beliefs, within an environment where you can talk and be heard. 

      The counselling room is a safe space where we can sit comfortably together and explore whatever you bring. The space offers opportunities to be creative through the use of clay, sand tray and art materials if this feels right for you. Creativity can help you to express feelings beyond and underneath words. 

      Your journey is your journey, not someone else's. As a counsellor, I work to create an authentic relationship with you as an individual. Counselling is a privilege and I am humbled to be a companion on your journey. 

      £45 per hour 


      Adult Therapy
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