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      Our Ethos

      We are a Mother and Daughter team who bring together our professional knowledge alongside our experiences of family life; as a family we have been on our own journey and remain connected and loving and want to share the skills we have learnt along the way.

      Sunlight Families are a passionate about increasing harmony and bringing joyful connection back into families. We work from a non-judgemental standpoint and a strong belief that all parents are doing their best.

      We understand that parents can feel overwhelmed by the many pressures of life, and we offer time and space for reflection to look at your current parenting difficulties, styles, beliefs and views.

      We understand what a seriously hard job you are doing, and we don’t for one minute underestimate how much of a strain difficult behaviours can have on your emotional wellbeing.

      More often in families what parents need is to feel truly heard. On being heard they are more able to understand their children’s behaviour as a form of communication, and thus respond rather than react to what is perceived as naughty behaviour.

      We believe that all families are unique, so we will work with you to understand the dynamics of your family. We will offer you tools that support you to make the positive changes necessary to build lifelong, strong and more harmonious family relationships; to become the family that you want to be. 

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      Our aim is to inspire love and connection in your home rather than focussing on only the correction of unwanted behaviours; to help parents feel hopeful, happy and confident through the offering of realistic and practical solutions. 

      We provide you with the skills and tools to build life long, strong and more harmonious relationships with your children.  In doing this we believe you will experience lasting change not just short-term gain. Our aim is to leave you feeling confident to face any challenge ongoing throughout your child’s life, not just the ones currently presenting.

      We offer support to all and any configuration of family set ups, and all age ranges of children, we are keen to include any family members including extended family if this supports harmony and positive change.

      We have worked with many different types of parents and have found that the ones who benefit the most are those who are not afraid to allow themselves to make mistakes; are willing to take steps to change the way they parent, and are willing to explore how their own upbringing is affecting their relationships and parenting style.

      We have training and experience in working with adults who have endured childhood and recent trauma including abuse, bereavement, divorce and separation and loss, the effects of domestic violence, substance and alcohol misuse, mental health and a multitude of other factors that can impact on relationships within families. 

      As part of our service we can offer you one-to-one or couple counselling to explore on a deeper, more personal level these issues. This is an opportunity to offer yourself time and self-reflection within a supportive environment to move beyond the influences of your past, speak your truth, heal and soothe your pain and create more heartfelt relationships in your life.

      We offer this service in conjunction with parent coaching, play therapy or as an independent package.   

      It takes courage to ask for help but it is worth it; you’ve made the first brave step already...

    • Sherin
      About Sherin

      My Qualifications and Experience

      Degree in Primary Education & Teaching

      Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play

      Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy

      Certified Play Therapist with PTUK

      I have over ten years’ experience of working with families in a variety of voluntary, private, local authority and school settings. In the last seven years I have been supporting parents with all aspects of parenting and family difficulties within their own homes. I have facilitated parenting programmes to groups of parents who are parenting teenagers; I have also run therapeutic children’s groups. Over the last three years I have provided over two hundred hours of therapeutic play for children and young people, helping them gain deeper insight into their emotions and express these in a healthier way, increasing their quality of relationships and improving their communications.

      I am passionate about increasing honest, wholehearted communication in families and helping parents understand their children’s behaviour as a form of communication.

      My experience has shown me that many parents feel guilty about things such as, the way they parent, the amount of free time they have with their children, or if there has been a breakdown in family relationships; and my aim is to be able to help parents feel good about themselves, feel they are parenting in a way which feels natural to them, and to have healthier more confident relationships.

      My focus is to help parents find ways to encourage their children to follow rules and boundaries whilst also nurturing the child’s sense of self-worth and forging healthy attachments that create relationship qualities that last a life time. 

    • Allie
      About Allie

      My Qualifications and Experience

      Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling

      B.A.C.P Accreditation 2005

      Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Systemic Theory (Family Therapy)

      Diploma in Higher Education (Families and Children)

      Certificate in Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focussed Therapy

      I have worked with children and families in crisis for over eighteen years in both voluntary and local authority organisations, supporting parents to feel empowered to make choices that enhance their own and their children’s wellbeing. I have worked in family homes and children’s centres, facilitated parenting groups, supported parents to learn play skills and worked with parents to improve connection and increase the bonds between them and their children. Since 1997 I have supported young people in one-to-one counselling sessions, offered one-to-one counselling to women in crisis and to individual men and women, couples and parents with a variety of difficulties.

      Becoming parents, often only having had our own ‘being parented’ histories to guide us through what is the most difficult job (one which we cannot resign or easily walk away from) for guidance, is hard. There are of course many parenting books and courses that offer direction but without someone to discuss your specific family difficulties with these can often only offer limited insight as to how to effect the change and bring about the joy one had hoped having a child would bring to our lives.

      I believe the conditions in which we grow up affect the way we think and interact with the world, and all our relationships. My experience has shown me that difficulties in families are often created when two parties come together to raise a child and whilst they want the same outcome, they have differing views as to how to achieve this.  
      I believe if people are given the opportunity to explore their views and beliefs they can make choices from a place of awareness and go beyond their histories. I enjoy supporting people to parent in that more considered way that can come from a greater awareness of their own thought-out choices and wisdom.

      I have raised three children within a traditional marriage, a step family and for a time as a single parent, and have encountered a wide range of difficulties and traumas which I feel gives me insight and empathy into understanding the stress, responsibility and joys of parenting. 

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